We are Sodexo

We are Sodexo

What is unique about Sodexo is that we are genuinely a people company. We perform all of our services chiefly with our own employees. 97 % of our employees meet and directly serve you as a consumer, guest, user, or customer – every day. These meetings between people have an impact and make a difference. We strive to create this difference by providing the best service possible.

Sodexo worldwide
• EUR 14.7 billion in revenues
• 33,900 assignments
• 50 million people receive our services
– every day
• 380,000 employees
• Operations in 80 countries
• The world’s third largest service company

Sodexo in the Nordic region
• 11,000 employees
• SEK 6.5 billion in revenues
• Located throughout the Nordic region
at more than 2,500 sites

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